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My Second Bicycle

A 2012 Trek DS 8.3

Posted on 2 mins read

I used to love bicycles until I started working and moved on to ride motorbikes. Motorbikes were convenient, affordable and fast. I had bought myself a TVS Suzuki Fiero DS (India’s first 150cc bike I think) and I was using it for everyday commute. I had sold my first bicycle and didn’t have one to ride. As it happens with time, I had given up on bicycles.

After moving to US, I live very close walk to work and don’t need any vehicles for travel. Then there is always new rental cars at cheap rates. However, commuting around downtown (like going to lake side, tennis courts, or coffee shop) really made me think about the bicycles again. I’m not very lazy, I can walk, but walking back esp. after playing was always a pain. The easiest way out was a bicycle!

With the Wheel and Sprocket Bike Expo at the State Fair Park around the corner, I started looking around for bikes. Though I love the mountain bikes, after a little research, I found that they aren’t really practical for downtown commute. And I hate how the road bikes look! I decided to go for a new hybrid bicycle.

2012 Trek DS 8.3

2012 Trek DS 8.3

After spending more than 4 hours at the exhibition last Friday and looking at each and every bike that was there, I finally settled for a 2012 Trek DS 8.3. Other models like 8.4, 8.5 etc were really good, but out of my budget. 8.3 has features like shocks, disc brakes etc. which I always wanted in my bicycle since my first bicycle. I’m really happy and excited for my second episode with the bicycles and looking forward to bike as much as possible. Ride safe. Cheers.

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