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Bucket List

Things which I once thought were a must do!

Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming - ‘WOW - What a Ride!’

Like everything else, a man changes with time. So does his dreams, desires, and abilities. The following is a list after all.

Note: I should’ve kept a log of changes to this list. As of 2018, I will add the year in parentheses before change.

(2018) As I read this list in 2018, I don’t quite understand what the hell I was thinking putting this (and some other things around here) up on a blog for everyone to see. I cringed reading! I did think about taking it down; however, on a second thought, I will leave them here. They kind of show a snapshot of a time in my life and looking back now, it helps me see how I have changed. I will read it again someday in future and I’m sure I will go through this same feeling all over again!

  1. Own a website and start a blog (that’s where you are now)

  2. Learn to swim - Well, I did teach myself how to swim (thanks to YouTube and the uploaders) but not very good.

  3. Teach kids - I don’t know what, but all I know is I want to be able to stand up in front of those innocent kids and teach them something they don’t know. Guide them. Another thing I want to do is to teach at least some kids how to talk in English. I know how devastating it is not being able to converse in English.

  4. Work with disaster recovery team - to help those who are rally in bad need of help.

  5. Write a poem - I have. To people in my life, thanking them or wishing them, but I don’t know if they can be called as one. I have also lost them along the way.

  6. Write a story

  7. Quit smoking - This one was one hell of a tougher one. Failed a lot of times, lied, broke promises and what not! I think I have succeeded in this very much. The proof? If I put together all the times I smoked, it wouldn’t equal one cigarette in entire this year(almost 8 months). As of 2018, It has been years since I smoked!

  8. Run a 5K, 10K and a marathon - 5K is done. Unofficial 10K is also done, but it will stay on the list to do.

  9. Go scuba diving

  10. Bungee/Base jumping

  11. Sky Diving - Done!

  12. Fire Walking

  13. Ride the roller coasters - this one is off the list. Thanks to my Cedar Point and Niagara trip.

  14. Learn roller blades - uh, this was a so much fun and pain. Tried once.

  15. Go dirt biking -

  16. Go karting - this one might seem a little odd on this list, but I wanted to do and have already done this. Go karting is fun.

  17. Race a sports car -

  18. Ride Harley Davidson motorcycle -

  19. Go to Himalaya and cut loose all connection with my world for a month at least.

  20. Visit the Pyramids of Giza.

  21. Visit Tiger’s Nest Monastery - Paro Valley, Bhutan

  22. Visit Angkor Wat

  23. Visit at least one of the seven wonder’s of the world - Taj Mahal seems the easiest!

  24. Learn to play any music instrument - guitar was the one for a long time and then turned to drums, but don’t know both!

  25. Swim with the dolphins

  26. Motorcycle trip to Leh, Ladakh

  27. Solve a Rubik’s cube - This one is so off the list. I can solve it using the lamest and most basic method under 2 minutes. The best being 69 seconds.

  28. Learn how to juggle balls - Never really tried as it seems easier!

  29. Learn to Ski - This one is also off the list. Read more.

  30. Play one full good tennis match - (2010) I have started playing recently and am playing with the tennis club from work for last one month or so. I can’t serve right, I can’t return the ball properly, blah blah blah…..

  31. Play start to finish in 8 ball(pool) - I was so close once that I had only one damned black ball left.

  32. Learn two more languages - I had Telugu and Tulu on the list but somehow it didn’t take off. Btw, I already know Kannada, Hindi, English, Tamil, Hindi and can read/write in first four of those. I can understand a bit of Marathi (because it’s similar to Konkani), Telugu, Tulu in that order of decreasing proficiency.

  33. Learn to write with the left hand - I practiced for 10-15 days and then I stopped.

  34. Learn to dance - Ok, this is also one of the toughest. I did join Salsa classes, a freestyle class for sometime. I still am very shy! I get bloody conscious. I have danced on stage once in 2010 :-) I so want to learn Salsa. More.

  35. Watch all of top 250 IMDB movies - This is fun. I didn’t mention the top movie names because the IMDB list keeps changing. What will I do if I give all 250 names and complete watching all of them? :P

  36. Buy a DSLR and click some great shots - I can afford to buy one now, but will I use it or will it be a waste of money? I don’t know. (2018) I did buy a camera a while ago. I’m not that good at it! If I ever post them here, it will tagged photography.

  37. Learn to talk just as clearly and spontaneously with utter strangers just the way I do with some of my closest - I somehow go nuts and end up talking to the point! I mostly respond with yes, no, hmmm or nods and don’t hold a conversation. (2018) I’m mostly over it now I think.

  38. Write applications/software that will help people, that everyone appreciates.

  39. Make a lot of money and donate excess -

  40. Get a tattoo - I don’t have an exact idea of what I want yet!

  41. Be Humble - This is a everyday activity. It’s tough.

  42. Raise my little baby girl ♥ - well, she doesn’t exist anywhere except in my imagination at times! How can I write anything about it when just a thought of her makes my heart melt away….

  43. Adopt a child - a boy or a girl? Depends on my first kid!

  44. Apologize to a couple of people!!! One of them was when I was a kid, may be 7 or 8 year old, but I still remember exactly what I did! I did try with one other person; I was completely out of touch and tried to contact another, but I never got a response! This is so hard! (2018) I did apologize to two of them. I think I will let the bygones by bygones and not beat a dead horse. If life ever presents a chance, I will surely take it.

  45. Be able to see without specs or contacts.

  46. Serve in Indian Army/military someday.

  47. Be alive to see the corruption free India - At least to some extent? Pretty please.

  48. Die. Subtle recursion, or is it?

This list has a life and keeps growing, check back later to find updates…

What are some of the things you want to do in your life?

Thank You!

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