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Working on The Blog

Never ending story!

This is a perfect example for a seemingly easy task taking up so much of one’s time. I have been busy working on this blog for a last couple of days. I spent so much time and yet there are so many things to do!

Here is what I have done so far:

  1. Updated feed through FeedBurner: this was already present, I updated some settings.

  2. Added Google AdSense: there comes a time in everyone’s life when they turn greedy. This is my time. 😛

  3. Added Google Analytics: to analyze the traffic mainly; and also to enhance the results of 2.

  4. Added a disclaimer page: a little bit of reading on the internet made me put a disclaimer on this blog. It’s copy pasted, no-humor, raw disclaimer. I will need to work on it. Later.

  5. Changed user interface by editing the Wordpress default TwentyTen theme files. Removed the banner; added disclaimer at the end of each page; provided Google custom search.

  6. Changed back to older version of SyntaxHighlighter to provide view, copy functionalities.

Items pending which will be taken up as time permits (this is by no way a complete list):

  1. Provide links to feeds

  2. Update the homepage to put something interesting or something new.

  3. Update the webpage layout to be more flexible.

  4. Remove the dummy favicon and create a new one!

  5. Move my posts from everyplace to this blog.

  6. Publicize this blog a bit: this is a bit hard, the content here sucks! I’m not able to invest good time here; nor am I getting any ideas which is actually worth sharing. I’m just using this to capture snapshots of my time, my life. More like a diary I guess. I know some of you who do read this blog!

  7. and yeah, the disclaimer page!

I’m sure most of you might have add similar lists at one point or the other. What do you think about the two lists? How do you invest your time in your blogs? Any suggestions, ideas, criticism are welcome.

Thank You!

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