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What Was My Skydiving All About?


Ever since I posted my skydiving post/video and dedicated it to the people fighting against corruption, some of my friends have been teasing me about it. I did what I wanted to and have no regrets. I have been able to shut them up with just asking if they have the balls to do it before talking smack!

I can take a good tease but the attitude of getting things done quickly and avoiding lines even if it means paying bribe irks me to the core. I don’t mind having a healthy discussion, but with some so determined to pay bribe to get things done quickly and wholeheartedly oppose anyone who fights corruption, any discussion is a waste of time and energy. Many of my American friends are optimistic and talk positively (esp. knowing the Gandhi episode), but many of my own countrymen are very very skeptical and pessimistic. If well educated people don’t support a cause and act overly smart, what do you think will change? Everything has to start some way and someday, why not make this a starting point for a good future?

Below is the video I got from the skydiving place with some cuts and silly text I added. The one I used in my previous post was edited to change the audio track.

Why did I dedicate it? I don’t know why I did it. I had a lot of waiting for my turn and all of a sudden I came up with this idea of dedicating. It was the peak of protests. I chose to support by spreading the word. The very fact that it did generate some discussion proves the point, doesn’t it?

I’d be lying if I say I was never afraid. At first I wasn’t but the more time I spent waiting the more my mind started to wander. I didn’t even know how it’d feel free-falling and scared about so many possible outcomes. I even went to an extent of thinking of so many things about life as if it was going to be my last day! When you think that it could be your last day and just look back, so many things come to mind. You really appreciate what you have; the hearts you have broken flashes right before your eyes; memories from the past starts to haunt you; you will realize the words you haven’t spoken yet; most of all you will start to love life. It’s an overwhelming feeling. I’m glad I could experience it.

My skydiving was all about overcoming the fear, believing in myself and having the courage to do what I wanted to do. I’m glad I did what I did and I learned a lot from it.

Thank You!

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