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What Have I Been Up To This Summer?

A lot apparently!

It has been a long time since I blogged regularly. We have a couple of weeks of summer left in 2012 and I don’t want to waste that spending more time on blogging. Lately, I have been feeling like blogging is a winter activity (not saying that I blog regularly in winter). There are a number of topics blog about but no time. I keep adding topics to the todo list and keep deleting when I revisit because it’s either too late or it is making the list too big. This has been my story for past year or so. I can’t sit down and just do it. Maybe I should fix a schedule and stick to it. I don’t know.

  • At work - Lately, I have been working a lot. Like never before. Last week was nearly 80 hour week. I shouldn’t be working so much; at least not in the summer.

  • On the road - This May I had been on my first road trip first real road trip. Unforgettable. You will see a post about a road trip to South Dakota soon. 😄

  • On the ground - I have been playing tennis once a week. Joining a club has made sure that I play at least once a week! Other than that I have been running a few 5K. It’s tough to get up and run everyday or practice, I just register and run. This summer I have completed 5K at Rock ‘n Sole 2012, Storm the Bastille 5K fun run 2012, 5K at the Roots and Wings arranged by Northwestern Mutual, a 5K and a 6.5K at the gym a few days ago.

  • On water - Been swimming on and off this summer as well. I, along with a few friends, have purchased sailing lessons. I have completed one class and looking forward to the rest. I spent the first class on the sailboat wondering about the sailboat movement more than anything. It was pretty interesting to just visualize the forces acting on the boat.

  • In air - Nothing yet. Sometimes I feel like just going for the skydiving A license, but can’t decide if I really want to. Also, to keep it current, I’d have to jump in winter months and it doesn’t sounds that enticing.

What next? - I’m participating in the Milwaukee Color Run this Friday with a group of friends with a team I created - CountMeIn! It should be fun and I’m looking forward to it. There is also a plan to go to the Apostle Island soon. I want to go sea kayaking if I go there. Hopefully nature won’t play spoilsport this time unlike the Pictured Rocks trip a year ago.

Have fun and be safe!

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