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The Bears Still Suck!!!

No, really!

Green Bay Packers didn’t disappoint in the playoff; they did just what I hoped for in my previous post, First Winter in Milwaukee. They kicked the Bears ass.

I watched the game at Major Goolsby’s with a couple of my friends. Packers played really well in the first and second quarter with a touchdown in each. Then their game was down and they were struggling just like Chicago Bears (but, the bears still suck!). There was nothing in third quarter. Fourth quarter was really intense. The crowd went crazy when Raji touchdown on an interception. The score was 21-7 Packers leading. Bears fought back with a touchdown in next 80 seconds or so taking the score to 21-14.

With just about a minute to go, the game ended with Packers interception; the whole crowd was on fire. Packers just proved again that The Bears. Still. Suck.

It’s Packers vs. Steelers in the super bowl. Go Pack Go.

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