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Thanksgiving 2010 - A Long Weekend

Mostly Working!

A long weekend (four days) - many of my friends are on trips visiting places. I’m sitting here writing this post! I couldn’t go due to work. I had to work for a couple of hours exactly in the middle of the four days so I stayed back. It sure doesn’t feel good but not as bad as I imagined it to be. Almost 3/4th of the long weekend has gone by. It’s work and someone had to do it. Moreover, it’s because of work I’m here in US in the first place so no whining.

I had plans to visit a friend of mine in Chicago but canceled due to you-know-what-by-now.

Thursday wasn’t bad. I had some invites from some friends here for Thanksgiving, but transportation was a problem. I don’t have a car and I feel awkward asking others to pick me up and drop. Anyway, completed some work, cooked nice food, talked to family back home for an hour, slept most of the time and before I knew it was already Friday, the black one. 😝

Time flew by. Did some grocery shopping (the only time till now in this weekend I stepped out of my apartment!), browsing, ‘facebooking’. Called up a friend but she isn’t in town, another one didn’t pick up. Then, I dropped the idea of calling anyone. It’s uncomfortable for me to call up others, check what they are doing and if I can join them etc. Inviting and asking for an invite are two different things. Anyway, I completed some major portion of the work and was still working when the dawn broke! And as it happens, I couldn’t get up until dusk.

Here I am, again browsing, reading and catching up with the blogosphere after a along time. I have got some work left, it will take may be a couple of hours. Also, I have a huge list of TODOs. What started as a small note keeping as now become five fully grown TODO lists. I already got rid of one. I’ve a target of completing 90% of them by Monday.

Though it is something I don’t prefer, believe me it wasn’t bad. It’s nice to be home alone. Catch up all the work that I have been putting off for long. Introspect. Think.

I haven’t had anything but a cup of instant coffee today! Off to prepare - kadle bele payasa

Oh yeah, tell me what you feel about long weekends and having nothing to do. What would you do?

Thank You!

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