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Storm The Bastille 2011 - Milwaukee

The Bastille, the medieval fortress and prison in Paris, was stormed by the demonstrators to acquire the ammunition on 14 July 1789. This day marks the start of the French Revolution and is celebrated as a national holiday in France. The same is celebrated in across the world. One such place is Milwaukee. Yes, the place I live now!

Bastille Days is North America’s largest outdoor French themed festival held in downtown Milwaukee in Cathedral Square Park. more…

As part of the celebrations, Storm The Bastille, a 5K run, was started back in 1985 which kicks off the festival each year on the Thursday evening at 9PM. Thousands participate in the run each year. This is an untimed fun run.

I had no intention of participating in this run especially just a day after The Lost Track. I was only planning to go there with my friends who were willing to participate in the run. At the very end, I decided to give it a try.

Getting ready to storm The Bastille

Getting ready to storm The Bastille

We were a group of six and we had decided to stick together if possible. It started off very well, with the event anchor making people stretch and warm up. Once the storming started, there were big air balls on the route being kicked, punched. I got to punch it once too!

After the initial 200 meters or so, I lost the group and started running alone. It was a little embarrassing to be overtaken by people twice my age, I continued nonetheless. I was later told that the group stuck together throughout except me!

Storm The Bastille Map

Storm The Bastille Map

I slowed down once to drink water and then I walked from Buffalo to St. Paul Avenue. I started only when I was cheered by a group of bystanders shouting, ‘just a few blocks away’, ‘you can do it’ etc. I high-fived some of them and took off only to stop at the very end.

I don’t know my timing; I didn’t care to time it. When I reached the end, I saw a timer go off 1-2-3-4… I didn’t understand!! It must have been under 30 minutes. Anyway, timing wasn’t important to me, the participation was. I have come to realize that I really enjoy running! Hope to run more!

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