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What's the big deal?

Skiing is fun. As a beginner, it is something you will hate during but love afterward. If you have skied already, you’ll easily dismiss me, but if you have not then you’ll know what I’m talking about. Don’t get me wrong here, if you have never been skiing before and if you have a chance, just pack up and go. It is fun. It is as much fun to ski as it is pain as a beginner.

It is such a pain in the arse when you fall hard; it is embarrassing when you fall within 5 feet from where you started; it is embarrassing when you can’t get up; it’s a shame when you see 5 year old kids skiing like they are born to do it; same applies when you can’t walk (something you’ve to do). It’s ultimate when you can’t ski forward and start going backwards.

The key is not to get embarrassed. I bet you won’t find a single skier who hasn’t faced the same issues that you do now. How do I know all this? Well, I skied this weekend for the first time. I fell, then I fell, and then I fell again; I skied backwards; I was confused, I was embarrassed, I was doubtful. I was grinning all along. Laughing at myself. But, somehow I knew it wasn’t gonna happen forever. I stood up, I listened, I watched others and most of all I tried again and again and again. Guess what, now I’m happy the way I ski just after my first day. I love it!

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