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Skiing on Cascade mountains, Wisconsin

Closer to home this time!

Another ski trip. This time just for a day. I loved skiing last time so much that when I heard that another group was heading to Cascade Mountains, I simply couldn’t resist.

We had two guys who had never skied before so we helped them on the bunny hills and moved on to others slopes. Though I’m a newbie I could tell that the snow at the Ski Brule was better. At Cascade it was kind of slippery compared to Ski Brule. May be it was due to the weather, it was mid 30s. Duh!

The very second slope Cottontail had some ‘bumps’ where one could catch some air. It was great setup to learn. I had some problem landing, mostly my posture wasn’t correct, I wasn’t leaning forward as much as I wanted to just before hitting the snow. Fell down once or twice. My left ski kept coming off most of the times.

Cascade Mountain Trail Map

Cascade Mountain Trail Map

My left show was lose. At Ski Brule I got 9.5 shoe which was perfect. But here, they had no 9.5 and 9 was a little lose and 8 was too tight. After some time on the slope I had to return and get another 9 which was slightly better.

I moved on to Adele’s Alley, Upper Adele’s, Badger Pass etc. I kept falling down a lot because of loosing my left ski. Once on a Super Park (black), I fell down and landed on the left ski and couldn’t stop sliding down easily! I took it to the rental and the guy there noticed that the stopper (not sure what they are called; but they stop the ski from sliding when they are unhooked from shoes) was sticking out. I got the ski repaired but my confidence was already damaged. I didn’t dare to go on a black diamond again.

Cascade Mountain was different compared to Ski Brule. At Cascade, I could try a lot of combinations such as start on blue, get onto green and go down bunny hills etc. I covered everything to the left of Upper North Wall and Mogul Monster. Once we went almost till the edge where Mogul starts and came back terrified! 😁

Lobo(Cascade Mountain)

Lobo(Cascade Mountain)

The very last time, I went down on Manitou to Upper Ptarmigan to Badger Pass to Adele’s Alley to Cottontail. On Cottontail, hit the bumps and caught more air than before. Then I saw my friend falling down in front and I couldn’t resist pointing finger and laughing at him. The very next bump, you guessed it, I fell down! Sucker!

It was a great trip. I did learn a bit more about turning, going across to slow down. But still not good enough, I need to earn how to hold the posture. I tend to lean a little back and the center of gravity throws me off balance and onto the snow. I tried so hard but couldn’t push the shins against the boot all the time. I should ski more; I’d love to go again!

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