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Penny Auction Sites

Okay, you must have landed here through some search engine while trying to figure out a way to make a fortune by spending pennies. Those penny auction sites are amazing, aren’t they? The concept is so clear and it almost sounds like anyone can get one of those shiny new iPads, Macs, Nikkon D90, or Canon EOS 7D on auction just for a few pennies.

If you haven’t got a clue about it, I urge you to read about them. READ ABOUT THEM. DO NOT JUMP INTO BIDDING! I mean, I’m just saying. If you want go ahead and spend some money; however, do not hold me responsible for any damage. I have already shouted at you. You are lucky that I warned you; It’s kind of sad that nobody warned me!

Check out the Google Trends for key word ‘penny auction’ and you will find their recent surge in popularity.

Are you wondering if I’m supporting the penny auction sites or not? Well, neither. It’s up to you to decide. My opinion is that they are not legit. Even if they are, to buy an item, one’d have to pay a lot more than what the item really costs. This is something similar to the Ponzi schemes in which unless you are the kingpin or his sidekicks, you will gain more frustration and hatred than money.

There might be a few lucky bastards (or maybe even paid actors!) but all of us are not, right? The companies might pick one winner here and there just to keep the excitement in the air. Even those luckiest few feel so tempted (after all they have won something for nothing) that they end up bidding and you-know-what-happens-next. The bidding is exciting, it is addictive, it’ll give you a high. The penny auction bidding is newly wed feeling whereas the ending is a feeling like that of a divorcee, although you lost, you know you are better off without.

Okay, that’s all. If you still go ahead and lose a lot of money, please leave a comment on how does it feel to get gang-raped by a bunch of bots for the love of pennies.

PS: I will post the ‘bots’ that one can use on his/her computer to bid for an item when the timer reaches a second. No, that won’t guarantee you the item. Keep watching!

More on this and how to write scripts to hack(snipe) bidding can be found here.

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