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OS Switch: Fedora to Ubuntu

Time for an Operating System change.

A post about switching the Operating System(OS)? Yeah, why not? After all It’s the OS that made one man the richest in the world. It’s the OS that has made so many people across the globe dedicate their own resources and time to better it. It’s the OS that makes people argue - be it MS vs Linux or different distributions of Linux itself!

I’m not a Linux freak or a guru but an average user helping the open source in a way that most of the people do - by using it! I have been using a personal computer since 2004 and have been using Fedora Core for more than 95% of my personal use. I have tried a lot of different flavours of Linux but no clue why I stuck to Fedora all this time.  No, I’m not saying that it is bad; I wouldn’t have been using it for such a long time if it was, right? Fedora rocks but I just got bored of it!

Bbye Fedora. Welcome Ubuntu!

I assembled a system for myself with a brand new 500GB SATA hard disk and installed Ubuntu 9.10 - Karmic Koala this week. Since then I have been setting up the system, organising my data, adding new apps, removing apps which I will not use, exploring the difference between the apps I’m familiar with and those which came bundled together with Ubuntu etc.

simplify(OS); /* OS is too easy to complicate! */

One thing I have decided to do with my OS is to KISS - Keep It Simple Stupid. No more adding/trying each and every app that I come across. No, I have not and will not install KDE as well. I don’t need two different applications to do the same thing. I will stick to applications with bare minimum features that enable me to complete my job.

Ubuntu is a refreshing change from my long term companion Fedora though I haven’t found much of a difference between the two. I’m hoping to learn a lot of new things and I sure hope Ubuntu and 2010 will bring many such opportunities.

Wish you a very happy and prosperous new year ahead. Good luck!

Thank You!

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