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Multisite WordPress Installation On Sibling Directories Of An Existing Single Installation

Is it possible to create a blog in a sibling directory of an already installed WordPress directory? If yes, how to? If not, can it be done on a fresh installation?

1. Existing Installation:

Assume that the domain is and there is an existing WordPress installation in /blog directory (so, is a WordPress blog and the root directory at is free). Now, is it possible to create a networked site or blog at by setting up the network and allowing multisite?

When the existing installation is turned to multisites, the new blogs automatically get the address as Is it possible to override this to change the address to

2. Fresh Installation:

This can be achieved by installing the WordPress at the root, setting up a network, and creating two blogs under and This will probably have a total of three blogs - one in the root and two in the sub-directories.

Is it possible to get rid of the WordPress blog at the root and just have the other two in the sub-directories? Replacing the index.php at the root by a custom welcome file is one option, but that is just a work-around and the root directory will still be cluttered with a number of WordPress files.

Any ideas/suggestions/pointers are really appreciated.

Edit: Looks like this isn’t possible. Even overriding the home directory with a custom welcome file doesn’t work. I tried a lot of things around this issue and nothing seems to work!

Thank You!

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