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Last Day at the Dance Class

From I can't to maybe I can!

A little sadness has taken over me. Today was my last day at Dance Verve. Remember this last paragraph? A week after that I joined Dance Verve at BTM Check Post.

I remember the very first day - I entered the class when Taj Khan (we call him sir) was not yet in. I talked to two guys (now I know them - Pavan and Manas) and sir arrived in about 15 minutes. He asked to join right then as I introduced myself. Somehow I was still very nervous and said I’d join from the next day. I didn’t forget to mention that I had never danced before (of course Salsa apart) and I tried may times and failed miserably. I used to get very conscious. He just smiled and said, it will take sometime before I can dance and I should be regular.

For next couple of minutes I stood there watching all those who were dancing; I so wanted to join them right then, but could not. It was difficult. I left!

Next day, I did join. Sir taught me how to do the “po” (oops, I’m confused po or bho or …) kind of a pranam before starting the dance and again before leaving the class. No prize for guessing - I hardly moved that day! So it went on like that for 1-2 classes and then I slowly started. I’m not saying that I dance good now or I have gotten rid of the conscious problem or anything, but I can assure you I’m 200% better than what I was when I joined the classes! I consider myself as the worst dancer that ever was in that dance class. I don’t care, I just loved it.

Sometimes on Monday I used to think about the class on Saturday 11AM the next week. On weekends after the classes I used to be so tired that I used to fall sleep entire afternoon, sometimes all evening.

If no one is around I’d dance in the house, at my cubicle at work, in the elevators, even while riding bike I’d move. 😊 It was far more fun than I ever imagined it to be. Nowadays when I watch videos, listen to songs I recollect the choreography, imagine, and try to put some steps. Sometimes I even wondered about choreographing any song on my own! Need hell lot of practise and experience before that and I was getting carried away!

During this I also made some friends (I guess acquaintances would suit better) - Pavan, Manas, Chandan, Rajeev, Nishanth, Kalpana, Amrita, Sangeetha, Anuradha aka Indu, Sanjala, Kaavya, Neha, Sujatha, Sneha, Vaibhav etc. All are lovely people, down to earth and very friendly. I’m bowled over by Amrita - dance/enthusiasm/smile!

I didn’t mention to others that it was my last class except for Pavan, Rajeev, and Sir. She had not turned up this week. I promised Sir that I’d join once I come back if he is still conducting classes. We talked for a few minutes; he has good plans, and I wished him all the very best.

I used to think that I can do anything but dance and then I walked in here. It was one of the bravest decision I made and I’m very happy about it. Now, I think I might be able to dance.

I will miss you guys, Taj sir, the dance classes and all the fun that it was. Until we meet again…

PS: Sangeetha master, I owe you a treat at the juice centre. You were also absent this week, your fault. 😝

Thank You!

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