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Indians Are The World Champions


You know by now. Indians are the world champions! Yeah, say that again, WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS!

Remember “More than a billion hearts and one shared dream”? That’s what I wrote when the world cup started. That dream has come true! Now more than 50% of Indian population can proudly say they saw their captain lift the world cup at least once in their life. Glory!

Homepage mania:

I dedicated the homepage to Green Bay Packers and they won the super bowl; they are the Champions!

I dedicated the homepage to Indian cricket team and they won the world cup; they are the CHAMPIONS!!!

Now, am I gonna pull a hat-trick in this?

Food Art?

My roommates and I prepared dosas just before the super bowl championship game and the world cup cricket finals match. Did the dosas do the trick? Food wins everyone over so…

Green Bay Packers Dosa!

Green Bay Packers Dosa!

Indian Dosa!

Indian Dosa!

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