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How I Put My First GIMP Work To Use

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HotLinking. If you don’t know what it means follow the link and spend a couple of minutes reading about it. For those who are not interested in doing so - hotlinking is somebody else riding your superbike on your petrol without your knowledge and without giving you any credit. Bad analogy? :o)

How do you make sure you don’t allow something which you don’t even know is happening? Very simple, using .htaccess file - a directory level configuration file. I’m not going to tell you what you have to put in that file; there are innumerable tutorials on the net - just search for “hotlink prevention”.


My First GIMP Creation - HotLinking

If anybody uses any image hosted on my website (, this is the image that gets displayed - my first GIMP creation!

Created in 2007 - I have lost the original, I could find only this thumbnail. It is good enough for bandwidth thieves, isn’t it?

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