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HOLY MOTHER OF SWEET BABY CORN! It has seriously been a long while! 3 years? 4 years? Surprised the blog still exists! LOL! Actually not that much surprised. I pay every year to renew hosting so I know it exists! 😛

The TODO list thing I do. Seriously, it has gotten out of hand! I have unfinished drafts from 2011, 2012, 2013 which are still not posted! I feel embarrassed; at the same time I feel overwhelmed thinking how fast the time flies! Four fucking years! Seriously?!?!

I will try to post the un-posted drafts and will try to get back to blogging! See ya around!

2018 edit: I still haven’t! I’m reviving this site - making it a static site, moving it off of hosting, fixing broken items! Lets see if I keep it up this time!!!

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