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H1B Interview Questions


I had an H1B interview more than an year ago and written two blog posts about my travel to and from Bangalore and stay in Chennai (here and here). Surprisingly, even today “h1b” is one of the keywords getting highest number of visitors to my site (per Google Analytics). Most of them looking for interview questions. Recently I found a list I had prepared of probable questions the interviewer may ask. So, here goes.

  1. Your name? (such a tricky question!)
  2. Purpose of your travel?
  3. What project you are going to work on?
  4. More about the project?
  5. What are your roles in the project?
  6. US salary?
  7. Location of visit?
  8. Your highest degree?
  9. How long have you been with your employer?
  10. Show old passports.
  11. Give an example of a scenario where you successfully implemented a solution.
  12. Responsibilities?
  13. are there any other responsibilities?
  14. What will you do in US?
  15. Past project experience?
  16. Your company details? Just high level should be fine.
  17. Client company details?
  18. Why you and not someone else?
  19. What are you going to do for this company?
  20. Travel date. Stay info. Contact in US.
  21. Length of the stay?
  22. What after H1B expires/concludes.

Actual questions asked to me during the interview -

  1. What is your highest degree?
  2. Specialization?
  3. Which client?
  4. Show abc/xyz document.

Note that it’s not exhaustive, I just made this not get caught off guard. Best advice I can give is be calm, just answer to the point. You shouldn’t have any problem as long as you have a legitimate reason for the travel. All the best.

Thank You!

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