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First Time Clipper Self Haircut

Surprisingly good!

[Dated 12/12/2010; Posted 5/2/2011 due to photos.]

If you think this is a “own haircut how to”, let me tell you, you’ll be disappointed because it is not. However, you can read further to find out my tale with giving myself a haircut for the first time.

When I was kid, I had this dream, albeit shot-lived, of becoming an hairstylist. But then I went to college trying to become an engineer! One fine day back from a bad haircut, I was thinking about it and decided to style my own hair for the first time. Just to give it a try! After some thinking, the easiest style was to go bald which is exactly what I used to do back in college; I used to shave my head twice a week and sport a beard. It continued for a couple months not only because I liked it but also due to the over-pouring compliments from friends and all those heads turned! So, this isn’t the first time I designed my own hairstyle.

Before The Haircut Experiment

Before The Haircut Experiment

I started off thinking that I will shave my head and started looking for a shaver. The electric shavers are used extensively here in US compared to India and there are a lot of varieties and a vast price range. When I got down to finding out the good electric shavers and started reading about the reviews, I realized that it can never be as close a shave as with a razor and it actually takes same amount of time if not more. So I dropped the idea of buying an electric shaver.

During those browsing sessions I got to know about the hair clippers and decided to try them instead. The thought of not having to take an appointment a week before was very enticing. It’s the couple of YouTube videos that really gave me the confidence. It was really not about self-independence nor saving money; I really just wanted to give it a try!

After The Haircut Experiment

After The Haircut Experiment - not bad?

After some research, I shortlisted three hair-clippers and finally bought Wahl 79524 24-Piece Deluxe Hair Clipper Kit. The main reason for buying it out of three was that I was a little skeptical about the worth and it was the cheapest of the lot. It turned out to be a good clipper; I have used it for last four months and have no complaints except that it becomes a little loud if used continuously at one stretch.

The Haircut Experiment Photographer - myself

The Haircut Experiment Photographer - myself

  1. Oster 76076-010 Classic 76 Professional Hair Clipper - The best, but mainly for professionals.

  2. Oster Professional 76023-510 Fast Feed Clipper with Adjustable Blade - The best choice for individuals. Check Oster Professional 10 Universal Comb Set.

  3. Wahl 79524 24-Piece Deluxe Hair Clipper Kit)- Last choice but as you can see not bad at all.

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