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Doesn't this weather remind you of India?

No, not really!

The weather has been truly devastating this summer (Milwaukee 2011). National Weather Service issued heat advisory; many sources reminding the deadly heat from 1995 and 1988 which took a lot of lives! The weather forecasts, news-sites, and other sources of information on the internet are terrifying.

Rewind to 2010

I landed exactly one year ago in Milwaukee. The weather was not bad. It compared to the weather I was used to in Bangalore. I didn’t notice much difference at all. Move forward to Fall, I was being constantly warned about the winter ahead! I kept hearing this for a long time as the winter arrived very late.

When I was a kid, I used to think that the seasons are all made up! I could never clearly distinguish between the seasons; they all looked nearly the same except the monsoon (because it rains 😏 ) I hardly remember people getting prepared for the summer or winter except buying sweaters for December. Milwaukee was different. For a first timer, being prepared was the key. It was the coldest I had ever been exposed to. So much so that once I called moving to Milwaukee as ‘walking into the refrigerator’ Now when I look back, I don’t think it was as bad as I expected it to be; however, I, just like everyone else, was wishing for the summer.

Forward to summer 2011

Where was the summer hiding? It was cold for a long time and no summer in sight. Many joked, ‘this time around there is no summer; it’s gonna be winter next!’ How I wish it was true!!! Now that it’s here, I don’t think there’s one sane person who likes it. I, for one, completely detest it. It’s so terrible that I have never been exposed to such worse weather. Then people ask me - ‘isn’t this just like India?’, ‘come on, this is better than India’ etc.

“doesn’t this weather remind you of India?”

“Yes sir, absolutely! This harsh weather reminds me how wonderful the weather in Bangalore was.”

Hope the heat waves die down soon. Stay fluid.

Thank You!

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