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BBMP Elections and Women Reservation

Political Puppets!

BBMP elections are scheduled for tomorrow. My ward is one of those wards reserved for women. That is nothing to be happy about! Reservation is a very noble plan with a pathetic implementation. I was trying to get as much information about the candidates as possible so that I can vote for the most eligible. There are seven women candidates contesting in the election from my ward. As far as I could see, all of them are wives or relatives of politically powerful men and I find most of them incapable!

If politics is a Bollywood movie, these women candidates are the item girls! The scene is disgusting. Most of these women, if not all, are mere political puppets. Politically powerful men are making a mockery of the reservation system by getting tickets to their dummies.

There is no dearth of suitable women leaders, but there is a lack of opportunities. I don’t feel like casting my vote, but I will because I have to; it’s a duty. I will cast my vote to a woman who is connected to the most capable man! See how that works?

Go Bangalore, exercise your right and elect the best of the lot. All the best for your future!

Thank You!

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