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Autosys and Unix Permission

How does this work?

Say Autosys job called jobName executes with xyz id. The profile used is profile; owner of profile is abc and neither group nor others have execute permission on this profile. jobName executes jobScript which is owned by xyz(both jobName and jobScript are owned by xyz). abc and xyz are two users. There is a group abc as well.

$id abc
uid=1234(abc) gid=10(abc)
$id xyz
uid=1234(xyz) gid=10(users)
$ll profile
-r-xr+++-- 1 abc abc 1000 [...] profile
$groups xyz | grep abc
$ll jobScript
-r-xr+++-- 1 xyz abc 3000 [...] jobScript
$autorep -q -J jobName | egrep 'command|owner'
command: jobScript
owner: xyz

When the Autosys job is executed, it fails with return code 1. This is correct since xyz doesn’t have execute permission on profile.

$chmod 544 profile
$ll profile
-r-xr--r-- 1 abc abc 1000 [...] profile

Now, the job runs fine!

Does it mean xyz is able to execute the profile with just read access? OR Autosys does something like this?

$cat profile > /home/xyz/tempProfile
$. tempProfile
$rm -f tempProfile
$. jobScript

I need to check how Autosys sources the profile and invokes the command in detail. Drop in a comment if you have an explanation.

[UPDATE - 11/4/2010]

xyz is able execute the profile simple because scripts are interpreted! Each line from the script is first read and then executed. If there is a command in the profile which xyz doesn’t have execute permission on, the execution will fail.

It is somewhat like my last guess with tempProfile. It is so easy to forget the basics. Stupid me!

Thank You!

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