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A Week That Was

Just some rants about a week.

Last week was the crappiest of all, but it ended in a good note. It oscillated between okay to bad, bad to worse, and back to okay and then to good. First two days were uneventful and I had no clue of what lie ahead.

Wednesday was the beginning. Firstly, a brand new system welcomed me to office on Wednesday morning; they had formatted my machine without any kind of confirmation. Secondly, two priority-one production issues on Thursday and some actions taken to resolve the issues came back on Friday as a different issue. To top it all, I had to deal with it using a newly installed operating system. No links, no data, no mail archives, and no software. Only notepad and the damned communicator which kept pissing me off! This whole thing happened in the same week in which I failed in a certification, which I’m not worried about, and a written test.

However, I did get some appreciation for handling the situation, but I’d have liked it more if they had understood and appreciated how difficult it was to do it with none of the required software. Another good news is that I cleared the written test last week itself in the second attempt. There was a different invigilator that day. He gave me the same topic and I wrote the exact same essay; however, keeping the review comments in mind. I cleared!

The weekend was quite eventful as well. I wrote a small bash script to download contents after 2AM. It was actually not needed, but it was long time I did something technical in my free time. I painted lord Ganesha on glass; glass painting is fun especially when you steal the materials from your brother and later act as if you are gifting him the painting. :o)

I found out some dance and music academies around my area; none amongst them are starting drums classes immediately, which is kind of sad. I might join freestyle dance classes from next week! My heart was in my mouth when I walked into the dance academies. In fact, even now, thinking about it feels no better, but I want to do it. I want to get over the inhibitions. There is a good chance that I might not join. Let me see how it goes.

PS: Please let me know if you are aware of any good schools that teach drums and freestyle dance nearby Jayadeva Hospital/JP Nagar/BTM.

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