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A Perfect Season - Green Bay Packers

Elle Meissner - The Lions haven’t won a championship since her grandfather was 5 and haven’t won a playoff game since her father was 10, in her lifetime, the Detroit Lions haven’t lost a game. more

This news reminded me that I haven’t seen a single game that Green Bay Packers lost! The first time I heard of American Football was at the end of 2006 in a session helping people understand the basics of the game. It was conducted by one of my senior colleague in Mangalore office. I never really got interested until I moved to Milwaukee in 2010. I kept on hearing about football for months before I really followed anything.

 Lambeau Leap

Lambeau Leap :-)

Packers had just beat New York Giants and were about to play Chicago Bears on January 2nd 2011, it was the beginning of the post-season, Packers were playing good and I was in Milwaukee. What else does one need? It was a perfect setting and I became the newest Packer fan in town and boy oh boy, they didn’t fail to impress me. They won the first game, then the second and then the third and on and on and on and the winning streak is still on. Packers have not lost a single game since then!

Can you believe it? (drama alert!) I must be the only fan in the world to see his team never lose a game! We even came back from 0-16, 0-14 to win the games. It’s too early to talk about a perfect season, but I hope we do it; even if we don’t, I will still be a proud Packer fan. As I said before, it’s hard not to be a Packer fan.

Yours truly,
The Luckiest Packer Fan Right Now! 😄
And, now an owner too!


  1. 45 - 17 vs New York Giants (I wasn’t following football yet)
  2. 10 - 03 vs Chicago Bears (followed the scores online!)
  3. 21 - 16 vs Philadelphia Eagles
  4. 48 - 21 vs Atlanta Falcons
  5. 21 - 14 vs Chicago Bears
  6. 31 - 25 vs Pittsburgh Steelers (SUPER BOWL!!!)
  7. 42 - 34 vs New Orleans Saints (My first game at Lambeau Field!!!)
  8. 30 - 23 vs Carolina Panthers
  9. 27 - 17 vs Chicago Bears
  10. 49 - 23 vs Denver Broncos
  11. 25 - 14 vs Atlanta Falcons
  12. 24 - 03 vs St. Louis Rams
  13. 33 - 27 vs Minnesota Vikings
  14. 45 - 38 vs San Diego Chargers
  15. 45 - 07 vs Minnesota Vikings
  16. 35 - 26 vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  17. 27 - 15 vs Detroit Lions
  18. 38 - 35 vs New York Giants
  19. 46 - 16 vs Oakland Raiders

[ updates: included scores vs Rams, Vikings, Chargers, Vikings, Buccaneers, Lions, Giants, Raiders.]

Finally, we lost to Kansas City Chiefs (14-19) and then lost to Giants in the first playoff game!

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