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Praveen Lobo

Praveen Lobo

I don’t really like putting up details about myself but if this helps people to find out the right man on the Internet then why not.

I’m Lobo, Praveen Lobo. I have lived most of my life in Bangalore. 2006 to 2009 in a very lovely place called Mangalore and since 2010 I have been living in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

I did my schooling in Kannada medium in Patel Vidya Samsthe and St. Antony’s High School; PUC from BHS First Grade College(BHS-FGC) and Engineering from PESIT, Bangalore.

I work as a Technical Analyst in a leading IT firm executing projects for one of the clients and am currently based out of Milwaukee. I have been working on Autosys, C++, Informatica, J2EE, SAS, Struts, Sybase, and Unix. Actually, anything and everything that comes to my way at work.

I’m a man of simple tastes and needs. I like working, programming, learning as well as teaching, playing pool, making friends. More than anything else I love being simple, truthful and straightforward.

Finally, I do not believe in ‘god’ nor do I have any interest in religion; I strongly believe that we can see God in the people around us. One of the favourite line I keep repeating is, ‘It is all in the mind.’ Good, bad, evil, god, love, hatred, hurt, misery… everything… it’s all just in your mind.

Be happy, do not hurt and spread love.



16th January, 2011.

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