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Praveen Lobo

Praveen Lobo

I’m Lobo, Praveen Lobo. I have lived most of my life in Bangalore. Apart from Bangalore, I lived in a very lovely place called Mangalore from three years and since 2010 I have been living in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I’m married to Samantha and we have a beautiful cat named Ginger Pi Rani.

I did my schooling in Kannada medium in Patel Vidya Samsthe and St. Antony’s High School; Pre-University College (PUC) from BHS First Grade College(BHS-FGC) and Engineering in Information Science from PESIT, Bangalore.

I’m currently working as a technical lead in a leading IT firm executing projects for one of our clients and am currently based out of Milwaukee. I have work experience in a range of technologies such as Autosys, C++, Informatica, Java, JavaScript, Markit EDM (MEDM), SAS, SQL, Struts, Sybase, and Unix etc. Actually, anything and everything that comes to my way at work. I have not concentrated exclusively on any one technology; I firmly believe that understanding the basics, learnability, and being adaptive is far more useful than mastering any one technology.

I’m a man of simple tastes and needs. I like solving problems, programming, learning as well as teaching, reading about current affairs. More than anything else I love being simple, truthful, and straightforward.

Finally, I do not believe in God nor do I follow any religion although I do go to places of worship with family and celebrate festivals. I strongly believe that we can see God in the people around us. One of my favourite lines is - ‘It is all in the mind. It is a feeling and it will pass.’ Good, bad, evil, God, love, hatred, hurt, misery… everything… it’s all just in the mind.

Be happy, do not hurt, and spread love!



2018-02-16 23:50:00 CST: adding my first wife’s name and cat’s name. 😜

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