Easiest Way To Solve Rubik’s Cube Without Cheating

The following tutorials/videos helped me a lot in learning to solve the 3×3 Rubik’s Cube. I think these are the easiest ways to solve the rubik’s cube and hope you find it helpful too. You may find that the technique used is the same, just the explanation differs in most of the cases. Second and third videos take different approaches to solve third layer. Latter is easier and has less number of steps.

Go through all three videos and use the one which you think is easier or use combination of techniques mentioned in them as I do. If you are not able to solve the rubik cube even after going through these videos, which I think is highly impossible, please put the cube back in the showcase.

All the best.

1. www.MetaCafe.com – I use this to solve the first layer.

Notes – no notes; the video explains it all.

2. www.Macuha.com – I use this to solve the second layer.

Notes – [top away, bring the side up, (repeat but turn opposite i.e.) top in, bring the side down, fix the corner piece in the first layer(bottom)]

3. www.VideoJug.com – And this to solve the third layer.

Notes –
F (RU) (R’U’) F’
(RU) (R’U) (RUU) R’
(RUU) (R’U’) (RUU) (L’UR’) (U’L)
(FF) (bring the piece in) (LR’) (FF) (L’R) (you can see what to do next i.e.) (U/U’) (FF)

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